History of the AAO

The Asian dental colleagues on implantology had discussed and planned to develop an Asian organization on implantology for some period of time. Professor Yung Soo Kim has arranged a meeting with support from 6 regions or countries (Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, and Indonesia) for the foundation of Asian organization on implantology at College of Dentistry, Seoul National University, Korea in 2004.?

During the meeting, they all agreed to organize the Asian Academy of Osseointegration (AAO) similar to AO in North America and EAO in Europe. The objective of the organization was to promote communication and collaboration between Asian implantologists and to achieve better treatment outcome for Asian implant patients. They have decided to hold the Scientific Meeting annually for some time and the first meeting to be held in Korea the next year.

The first scientific meeting of the AAO was successfully held by active participation of delegates from many Asian countries at COEX in Seoul in October, 2005. Since the Seoul AAO meeting, the AAO has hold four annual scientific meetings, 2006 Osaka (Japan), 2007 Taipei (Taiwan), 2008 Hiroshima (Japan), and 2009 Bali (Indonesia).